The Transcendent Mind

Raise your Thinking; Transcend your Limits to Achieve More

Every person is born with great potential and purpose, but for many of us, our greatness is kept locked up inside. Learn to explore your own mind through meta-cognition, and remove those barriers holding you back from achieving a better life. Based on the science of social psychology, you can transcend your limits to excel in your studies, career, and relationships.

Our training workshop, The Transcendent Mind, consists of three sections where you will learn to break through your personal barriers.

Section 1-Transcend the ego

Learn an awareness of the ego and the influences it can have on your thinking.

Section 2-Find clarity and vision

Learn how to cultivate clarity and craft a meaningful vision for your life.

Section 3-Develop your values and purpose

Find the values that drive you and give you a deeper purpose in your life.

After completing this course, you will have the knowledge to achieve positive results in your life, as well as make a positive impact on society.