The Power of Intuition

Harness the Power of Your Intuition

Charisma, vision, determination and influence are attributes commonly associated with leadership. But an often forgotten element of leadership is the ability to articulate your ideas with clarity, intelligence, and confidence. All leaders take pride in the training of their listening and communication skills; but most importantly, they train their thinking skills.

A Cognitive Scientific Approach to Intuition

Based on research in the field of cognitive science, this course will explore the concept of intuition and methods to unlock the power of your intuition. This course is divided into 3 parts, it is composed of 6 lessons, and is based on the following resources and books by xxxxx.

Part I.

Knowing how your Mind works

Part II.

Key I: Cognitive Biases
Key II: Models of Intuition hacking and pumping

Part III.

How to identify and harness the power of intuitive thinking

The lessons in this course will allow you to lead and think with purpose and vision. You will embark on a path of producing great ideas.