The moderator is responsible for running the meeting, and for facilitating the most important part – the discussion. In this role, you must be firm, but also attentive and neutral. You must ensure that all participants respect the code of conduct, that all members get opportunities to speak and that all viewpoints can be expressed openly.

Business Session

Raise any club business for discussion, and ask the other participants if they have any business to discuss.

Facilitate Minor Roles

Ensure that the members performing the minor roles like the Critical Thinking Tip, or Philosophical Moment are introduced and respect their timing requirements.

Moderate the Discussion

As the moderator it is your role to introduce the discussion and keep it running smoothly.

Introduce the Discussion:

  1. Introduce Art of Mind by reading the club mission statement,
  2. Introduce the topic by saying a few words about it,
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Ask each participant in turn to say their name and briefly state their position on the topic.

During the Discussion:

Closing Words

This is the closing of the meeting. Remember to do the following things:


Speech Samples

You can use these speech samples to introduce the key sessions of the meeting.

Opening the Meeting

Art of Mind is where great thinkers are made. We have a dual purpose; the first is to advocate for critical thinking and against misinformation, and the second is to develop the fundamental skills of intellectual leadership: decisiveness, vision, intellectual courage, eloquence and persuasion. If you find that you have difficulty explaining your ideas to others, defending your ideas or convincing people then this is the place to practice and build those skills.

A leader is someone who can formulate, articulate and communicate their thoughts in such a way as to persuade and inspire others. We practice these skills by discussing the important topics of the day in a fun and friendly atmosphere where we focus on learning and personal growth.

Every two weeks we have discussion meetings, every two months we have our Meeting of the Minds events where speakers give entertaining presentations on topics related to critical thinking and we have a schedule of training workshops for anyone who really wants to improve their intellectual skills.

Advocating and spreading awareness about critical thinking is our top priority so everything that we produce is shared under a Creative Commons 0 license. That means the workshops, the presentations, even the artworks that we make for t-shirts and merchandise are all shared freely and anyone can use them in their own projects.

We’re here to practice and spread ideas of better thinking for better living.

Opening the Discussion Session

We’ll now open the discussion session. The purpose of the discussion is to practice formulating, articulating and communicating your ideas. The goal is not to win debates or to prove others wrong but to help each other learn critical thinking with friendly and constructive criticism.

I will be moderating the discussion to keep it friendly and to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak.

To ensure a friendly debate, I ask you all to please respect our code of conduct which is:

Read code of conduct

During the debate our evaluator [name] will be watching for examples of great critical thinking, and ideas that could be developed further and he/she will deliver a report to help us improve our thinking.

Introduce the debate by reading the description

Ask each participant to say their name and briefly (thirty seconds) state their position


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