Code of Conduct

Art of Mind is dedicated to hosting discussions that provide a productive and enlightening learning experience for all participants. We follow these ten rules to keep our meetings fun and respectful:

  1. Criticize ideas not people
  2. Think before you speak
  3. Listen before you think
  4. Ask, don’t tell – Questions are more powerful than statements
  5. Don’t interrupt
  6. Be concise
  7. Point out any logical fallacies that are committed
  8. Critical thinking is about how we think not what we think
  9. Keep the discussion within the realm of ideas
  10. Create a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere in the interests of learning better thinking skills, not winning arguments

Challenging Opinions

  1. All opinions may be challenged at any time
  2. If you wish to challenge someone, give them a short warning such as “I’d like to challenge the view that you just stated” or “I disagree with your view”
  3. If someone no longer wishes to discuss a topic, drop it and move on.

Our Ideals