Grand Polemics Art of Mind Meeting #5

The Value of Jordan Peterson

November 4, 2018 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Tristan Lauber Studio 4848A ave. du Parc, Montreal, qc H2V 4E6
Moderator: Geoff Brown
Evaluator: Geoff Brown

The Value of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He rose to fame and controversy in 2016 when he posted online videos criticizing Bill C-16 (adding gender expression and identity to the Canadian Human Rights Act). Since this time he has become a hero to some and a villain to others. His admirers often point to his eloquence, principled defence of free speech, criticism of pseudoprofound gibberish, and the positive impact of his tough love self-help ideas. His detractors accuse him of making unfalsifiable claims, holding outlandish religious views and advancing bizarre notions of epistemology. He is also frequently accused of sexism and association with the alt-right but these claims are debatable and he refutes them. Is Jordan Peterson an intellectual hero, a villain...a pseudointellectual fraud?


5 min 6:00pm - 6:05pm
Business Session
Geoff Brown 5 min 6:05pm - 6:10pm
Critical Thinking Tip
Rephrasing in your own words
Geoff Brown 5 min 6:10pm - 6:15pm
Fallacy of the Day
Pseudoprofound Gibberish
Geoff Brown 5 min 6:15pm - 6:20pm
The Value of Jordan Peterson
Geoff Brown 85 min 6:20pm - 7:45pm
Geoff Brown 10 min 7:45pm - 7:55pm
Closing Words
Geoff Brown 5 min 7:55pm - 8:00pm
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