Beaver Lake Art of Mind Meeting #6

How to Think - Summer Celebration & Discussion

July 26, 2018 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Hurley's Irish Pub 1225 Crescent St, Montreal, QC H3G 2B1
Moderator: Geoff Brown
Evaluator: Geoff Brown

How to Think

Do you think that you sometimes overthink things? Or underthink? Or misthink? How should we think about the problems and choices that we face in our lives, and what techniques or understanding can we use to think better and improve our lives?


5 min 6:00pm - 6:05pm
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Chlorpyrifos - The Nazi Pesticide
Geoff Brown 5 min 6:05pm - 6:10pm
Business Session
Direction pivot
New Website Launch
Meeting agenda online
Meeting roles
Speaking order web app
Geoff Brown 5 min 6:10pm - 6:15pm
Critical Thinking Tip
Julian Cheng 5 min 6:15pm - 6:20pm
Fallacy of the Day
Coincequence - The Coincidental Correlation Fallacy
Geoff Brown 5 min 6:20pm - 6:25pm
How to Think
Geoff Brown 80 min 6:25pm - 7:45pm
Geoff Brown 10 min 7:45pm - 7:55pm
Closing Words
Next topic: The Clash of the Isms
Meeting of the Minds in September: You Are What You Think
Geoff Brown 5 min 7:55pm - 8:00pm
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