Grand Polemics Art of Mind Meeting #8

Automated Perspectives

December 16, 2018 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Tristan Lauber Studio 4848A ave. du Parc, Montreal, qc H2V 4E6
Moderator: Geoff Brown
Evaluator: Geoff Brown

Automated Perspectives

The internet gives us access to more information than past generations could have ever dreamed, but has left us struggling to sort through this wealth of data. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and an army of corporations have responded to the problem by building information filtering tools - algorithms and artificial intelligence systems that analyze our past behaviour to make personalized recommendations of news, products and entertainment suited to each of our individual desires. But these tools come with a cost. There are privacy risks created by corporations and governments building databases that track our tiniest online movements, and having all of our information tailored just to us creates an echo chamber effect where we don't receive a healthy range of views on important topics. How do we move forward in a world where we have more and more information?


5 min 6:00pm - 6:05pm
Business Session
Geoff Brown 5 min 6:05pm - 6:10pm
Automated Perspectives
Geoff Brown 95 min 6:10pm - 7:45pm
Geoff Brown 10 min 7:45pm - 7:55pm
Closing Words
Global Health with Orpheus from Effective Altruism on Tuesday the 18th
Geoff Brown 5 min 7:55pm - 8:00pm
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