Speak your Mind

Do you struggle to form and speak your thoughts with clarity and confidence? Did you know that thinking is a skill with techniques that anyone can learn and become proficient in? You can practice and learn these skills by discussing important and newsworthy topics with friends who will help you to develop, articulate and communicate your ideas.

Excel in Career & Life

Great thinkers are proficient in analysis, synthesis, conceptualization and creativity. Whether you are a student or not, you can learn to ask deep questions that lead to lifelong learning. No matter where you work, you can build the vision and critical thinking skills to be a great leader, and you can learn empathy and communication skills to build rewarding personal relationships in your life.

You’re Among Friends

Art of Mind is not a debate club with winners and losers – we maintain an atmosphere of respect, equality and open-minded listening where everyone is welcome to share their views regardless of background or experience. It’s a place for anyone to practice and improve their intellectual skills.

Advocating for Reason, Communication and Critical Thinking

The world is in a state of ideological division and the solution to this problem is critical thinking and open, respectful discussion. Art of Mind produces resources that we share freely under a Creative Commons license that allows you to modify and use them in your own efforts to spread awareness about critical thinking. You can find designs, artworks, training workshops, themes to host your own discussions, and presentations that you can deliver.